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Ecuadorian chocolate and cocoa show



We must recognize that chocolate is a drink for pleasure, which is becoming essential in many recipes in human nutrition. It is a traditional drink that captivates the palate of the most demanding tastes. Therefore, the Ecuadorian chocolate and cocoa show is directed to those who share this passion, because it is a special link between those who grow the cocoa and chocolate eaters. Come and meet the producers of cocoa, discover the best chocolatier, admire exhibitions and demonstrations, as well as  planned and innovative recipes.   This is an appointment for cocoa and chocolate lovers: professionals, fans, sweet teeth, that will be able to intervene in delicious tastings of this exquisite chocolate gourmet in all its forms and manifestations. Also, you will attend successful presentations and important lectures on the market and quality of cocoa. 


Recognized producer organizations, cocoa exports, national companies specialized in fine chocolate, cocoa and chocolate industrials, financial and non financial service providers, certifying agencies, worldwide importing companies, as well as famous chefs and national and international chocolatier will be attending this important meeting.   Don´t forget Ecuador has a history, has a potential in the cocoa sector, so, care must be taken to maintain this unique and incomparable opportunity. 



It presents the national cocoa sector integrated with the international and Ecuadorian community to exhibit the goodness and nobility of this important item, like: production, varieties, research, processes, technology, post-harvest handling, quality, marketing, industrialization, exports, consumer cultures and the generative phase which is the large amount of foreign exchange and incomes that makes cocoa contribute to the country and the beneficiaries. The Ecuadorian chocolate and cocoa show tends to highlight the product image, unique in the world, to visitors.



The fine or flavored national cocoa represents to Ecuador a symbol like the condor of our glorious coat of arms. It is being catapulted in the planet as the best cocoa, it is one of our ancestral heritages, that is grown and produced in our territory from colonial times. Ecuador is the largest producer of fine and flavored “ARRIBA” cocoa of the world, with a special recognition endorsed in annex C of the international cocoa agreement. The organoleptic attributes of quality are reflected in its floral and fruit flavors, a characteristic of the Ecuadorian cocoa that is distinguished between the other cocoas around the world. The 80% of the cocoa production in Ecuador is in the Ecuadorian coast, the marketing as well as the chocolate industry are located in Guayaquil, Machala, Manta and Esmeraldas, from whose ports is exported to the world market for the consumption of the most demanding palates. 




The European royal courts were the first consumers of Ecuadorian chocolate,  that allowed the globalization of our cocoa for its distinctive quality. At present, large chocolate companies in the world, use the 10% of Ecuadorian cocoa to improve their formulas in the common cocoa mixes. Guayaquil became the first historic port, by which the fine or flavored “arriba” cocoa was exported during colonial times. It is here, where most of the sellers, industrial groups and exporters are located ( 85%), a sine qua non situation, because, it is in this city where a recognition is given to producers of the famous “pepa de oro” and other sectors that use the product as raw material. 


For these reasons, it is essential to pay tribute to the fine and flavored “arriba” cocoa, that pride and recognition have given to our country.  Guayaquil is now the permanent headquarter of the Ecuadorian chocolate and cocoa show. This show, is annually recognized and celebrated in important countries as France, the United States of America, Brazil, Peru, and now in Guayaquil – Ecuador. At the “Ecuadorian chocolate and cocoa show” we will award the innovation, the fair trade, the discovery, the talent, and  also, it  will be available the chocolate and cocoa bookstore for those interested in. 

Translated from Spanish by Maria Angelina Raia

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